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I Am a Hypocrite #3


I am quite surprised there aren’t more of these. Believe me I have the material (apparently not the time.) Why am I a hypocrite and how can you benefit? Here goes…

During a busy morning at the gym, I had an unexpected break. Glancing at the clock, I thought, “I don’t really need a warm-up, I can fit in a workout if I skip it. I’ve been training all morning, that’s physical.” Dummy. I grabbed my headphones, cued up “Unorthodox Jukebox” (love him) and hit the squat rack and push up circuit. I felt a little creaky but the music and clock pushed me through with just enough time for a quick shower.

I could barely walk the next morning. Piriformis was on strike and slowly recruiting neighboring hip muscles. Dummy. It took me two weeks to completely recover. My lack of a warm-up is to blame. Warm-ups prepare our bodies for the beneficial stress we incur during workouts, help us mentally prepare for the work ahead, limit the potential for injury and increase the likelihood of a highly beneficial training session. I know this. I did not do this. I insist all clients complete a warm-up, it’s in their training agreement. I am a hypocrite. Learn from my foolishness. Do your warm-up.

Have a fantastic Fourth of July weekend! Safe travels to you and yours!

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