The Legs Feed the Wolf

Miracle Movie Image

With these few words, legendary hockey coach, Herb Brooks insists on intense stamina and speed training in the race to beat competitors. The faster man gets the puck.

Now, I understand that you may not look at your life in terms of predator and prey and that you have no interest in training like a professional athlete. But when it comes to success in your life, this quote is exceedingly appropriate. What do you want and need to do day to day? What are the challenges you face? Who are your “competitors”? What kind of ingenuity, strength and stamina are required for you to metaphorically catch your dinner, keep up or get ahead? I argue, the state of your health and fitness habits will absolutely determine what you bring to the table. Consistent exercise could be an untapped well of better rest, more energy and clearer thinking for the challenges unique to your life.

Memorable, primal and concise, I invite you to post “the legs feed the wolf” somewhere in your space.  Thinking of your healthy habits as a means of getting a promotion or keeping up with your kids or gracefully adapting to change are inspiring motivations to consider. The next time you consider cancelling your workout or postponing a new exercise plan, remember this law. It might just give you the nudge you need to make the better choice.

Have a great weekend! Go Hawks!!!

Interested in the movie? I highly recommend it. Click on the image above to purchase.