I Am a Hypocrite #4 

MBlakelyOverheadpressBlakelyFIT2014The past few weeks, every time I demonstrate an exercise involving a pressing or pushing motion with my right shoulder, I lower the weight. During my own workouts I adjust the program to accommodate the pain. Sometimes simply placing bags into my car or carrying my kids is a challenge. The point? I am a hypocrite. If I client came in with this problem I would be pleasantly relentless in encouraging her to get help. Myself? I keep it on the back burner and let other priorities win out.

My message beautiful readers is this:

1. Make the time to care for pressing health issues before they get too bad. (I just left messages at my internist and PT offices – hypocrisy squashed.)

2. I think it’s important that you know I struggle with all of this healthy living work, too. It’s challenging. When you come in to see me, in some way, I probably know how you feel and am eager to help you fix it.

Take good care of yourselves today and make that appointment for care/support/training you’ve been postponing.