I Am a Hypocrite #2

Michelle's 1st 39th - trimming hedges

For my first, 39th birthday this week, I had an idyllic day planned: trimming hedges alone at our new home. This may seem a ridiculous scenario for a birthday, but I love to have time to myself and being outdoors on a beautiful day to improve our new house is a joy to me.

My 4th of July FQ (Friday Quickie) discussed the importance of sun protection. I am a hypocrite. Usually so vigilant, I felt a little invincible on my birthday, (the double Frappacino and a power tools didn’t hurt.) I thought, “a little sun might be good for me.”¬†Wrong. I currently have freckled white stripes on my shoulders bordered in hot pink patches.

So my brilliant readers, please learn from my mistake: click those seat belts, warm-up before workouts, train for your races and always wear a helmet. Mother Nature doesn’t care if it’s your birthday.