Why women?

I love men. Truly. My fantastic husband, my incomparable brothers and brothers-in-law and memories of my late father are some of the best relationships of my life. But, as a trainer and business owner,
women are my passion.


My first eight years of training exposed me to the truth that women’s needs were largely ignored, especially in the area of strength training. Unfortunately, cookie cutter training programs and bodybuilding workout plans are still being presented as solutions today.

I now know it is one of the best decisions I have ever made but five years ago, I was initially terrified to walk away from such a large portion of my client base (men.) As I look back, choosing to tailor to women exclusively has facilitated creating a beautiful community seeking strength, balance and health in the most effecient and enjoyable way possible. They are a very inspiring group and a gift I didn’t anticipate.

Committing to women has also grown my knowledge base for their specific needs and age/lifestyle related differences. This focus and research facilitates providing relentlessly better solutions as well as being able to anticipate necessary program design changes and resources.

I am honored to have the trust and patronage of my female clients. I truly believe that strengthening women physically and as people has exponential benefits to our relationships, families, children and communities.

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