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Treats, Tweets and the Twins

First, the treats. Yesterday was Halloween and each of us are surrounded by candy. My advice? TOSS IT. TODAY.
Or, if you are guilt ridden at the idea of placing unwrapped food in the garbage (I hear you), give it to Operation Halloween Candy Buy Back and share your sweet treats with our troops.
Second, some of you have asked, “why is Blakely Fit on twitter?” Here are a few answers (in 140 characters or less of course)

  • 140 characters is the perfect format for hilarious comments. I’m not hilarious, but it’s the perfect format if I was.
  • Plenty of immediate inspiration for those wanting to be fit
  • Brief daily recap of client revelations – fascinating
  • Candid client struggles and dilemmas – learn from those in the trenches
  • Congratulatory shout outs – our digital “high-five”
  • It’s where we share reputable research worth your time – be informed and empowered
  • Excellent opportunity to watch me fumble through social media, every post is NOT a winner
  • Help this little bird fly… the more followers the better for our Blakely Fit business
  • Connect. We love hearing from you … dialogues on twitter are easy and simple.
  • Although you can just join and watch, I love saying “tweet” every time I post. Say it with me, “tweet.” Fun, right?

Hope you’ll join us and help spread the word. Peek our tweets here and see if it’s worthy of your time.

Third, October was Breast Cancer Awareness month. In addition to contributing to Bright Pink, Blakely Fit has been posting breast exam advice on twitter form our very own, Blakely Fit client, Dr. Shayna Rubin. In case you missed it, here is her very accessible advice for keeping the twins safe and inspected.


  • So it’s all about learning your body over time. Learning what’s normal for YOU helps you to be the best person to detect if anything ever changes.
  • Approximately monthly, feel around. There’s no perfect way to do it. Feel around until you feel like you felt it all.
  • Also, if you feel something you’re not quite sure of, feel the other breast in the same place. In general, symmetry is reassuring.
  • Over time you’ll learn what’s normal for you, and should something CHANGE, then you can alert your doctor.

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