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A Personal Trainer Exclusively For Women

Blakely FIT operates out of a sunlit, River North personal training studio tailored to the needs of clients working with trainers. Small group training takes place in our efficent, private training room. Clients are welcome to take advantage of our spacious locker room, showers and amenities included as part of training with Blakely FIT.

In preparing to meet the stress of life, what are our options? How does a smart woman handle the challenge of maintaining a healthy, lean, pain-free body, restful sleep, energy for the day, and room for the bumps in the road? After twelve years of fitness experience our overwhelming answer is: smart personal training.



Strength In Numbers Clients Enjoy The Efficiency & Privacy of Our Small Group Training Room

One On One Training Takes Place On Equipment Conducive to Highly Productive Sessions

Strength In Numbers: Our small group personal training option, Strength in Numbers, is for any woman wanting the stress relieving, weight loss and health improving benefits of high quality resistance training. Each woman is tracked with our quarterly BFit Reassessment System and all programs include modifications for various fitness levels. Classes are efficient, supportive and powerful. Tuesday/Thursday 6:30am and 7am availability.

Best of Both: Our most popular option, Best of Both, allows clients to enjoy the camaraderie and price point of Strength In Numbers small group training Tuesday and Thursday mornings with an additional, customized one on one program on Saturdays. Our quarterly BFit Reassessment tool is used for Best of Both clients as well.

On the Double or Triple Threat: Our most robust offering, On the Double and Triple Threat provide one on one training and custom program design either twice or three times per week during reserved training times.

One on One Personal Training


  • addresses your unique situation and goals
  • allows for instant adjustments over generalized programs
  • ensures this powerful pill called exercise actually gets taken
  • safely delivers the underutilized tool of resistance training
  • frees your time and energy for social, familial and career obligations
  • offers customized suggestions for the challenges in your lifestyle
  • provides individual consulting with a fitness expert sensitive to your history and goals

We are committed to understanding your needs and executing an exceptional workout with you. Our bodies are amazing functional and adaptive vehicles that will give us what we need, when we take care of them. Your program will be designed specifically with your assessment information in mind. It will change and evolve as your life and body change to ensure safety and effectiveness at all times.


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