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Talks for Women’s Groups and Professional Organizations

We have a gift for presenting our knowledge and experience. Connect with us to schedule a Blakely FIT presentation for your next group function.


The Ultimate Secret to Weight Loss for Women

Revealing this secret provides an enlightening discussion on the underutilized key to successful and permanent weight loss for women. Presentation includes a clear, detailed explanation of what it is, why it works and how to avoid common pitfalls. All data is based on reputable research as well as sited case studies and before and after photos.

Fitness Motivation and Success

Join us for a fun and interactive presentation. This talk will inspire and reward participants with the tools to create effective and realistic fitness plans. We will journey through former client goals and success stories to understand the basics of goal setting and motivation pitfalls. Learn the tricks to finding your motivation and the keys to brainstorming and finalizing a workable plan.

Ten Immutable Laws of Fitness

Weed through fact and fiction in this thought provoking and informative talk. Fitness misconceptions and confusion will be clarified. Ten specific rules for maintaining a healthy, happy body will enlighten and empower attendees in a memorable fashion. Easily utilized by women in any stage of life, this discussion provides attendees a new paradigm for thinking about fitness.

Raising the bar of professionalism with in our industry is part of our company mission. We would be delighted to present our knowledge as small business owners at your next industry or college specific event.

Exercise Your Independence: Is Independent Training Right for You?

Divided in three sections, this talk will cover the responsibilities and implications of traditional trainer versus independent trainer career paths; general independent trainer business start up list and considerations, and lastly, effective marketing, financial planning and continuing education suggestions and resources listed for those interested in independence or those growing client base as traditionally employed trainers.


Please connect with us for scheduling availability at 773-680-6824 or

All presentations are given by Blakely FIT owner, NSCA certified personal trainer, USA Weightlifting Sport Performance Coach, and Healthy Moms® Specialty Certificate in Perinatal Fitness and Wellness, Michelle Blakely.