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A Personal Training Program Designed For You

  1. First, contact us and express your interest. We will promptly respond to answer any preliminary questions as well as schedule your initial Assessment.
  2. New clients submit a medical history and activity questionnaire.
  3. We then meet for an initial 60 or 90 minute Assessment at an award winning personal training studio in River North. History, goals and concerns are discussed and a baseline of cardiovascular performance, wellness questions, weight, body measurements, before photos, flexibility, postural analysis and current exercise regimen are recorded.
  4. Blakely FIT creates a goals sheet and customized workout based on our clear understanding of the client’s priorities and needs.
  5. With data in hand and a clear understanding of your needs,
    Blakely FIT implements your custom made workout at your regularly scheduled training appointments.


Quarterly Assessments

Every three months, every client undergoes a personalized reassessment. Measurements and progress are rerecorded. Training program design and goals are also evaluated to ensure maximum results and client satisfaction. Consistently providing one on one attention, thoughtful, effective changes to your workouts, and the motivation necessary to improve your life through exercise is essential to the results you deserve and work so hard for.


Is a personal trainer right for you?

Well, what is your body telling you? Are you tired of how you feel in your own skin or maybe just plain tired? What would your life be like if all the clothes in your closet fit? What would your life be like if you had plenty of energy for your day? What would your life be like if food decisions were simple and enjoyable?


What would your life be like if you took all the energy you use up thinking about change and put it into actually making the change? Do you feel too busy to try to figure it out? Please call us today. Blakely FIT has helped hundreds of clients with customized personal training. We would love to help you too. Your body CAN be at its best. Call or email today at 773-680-6824 or

Contact Michelle

*Blakely FIT welcomes payment from American Express, MasterCard, Discover and Visa credit and debit cards.