One Minute to Calculate Your Strength

As promised this week on Facebook, here is a tool to get a sense of your strength and nervous system changes in the gym:

Am I stronger? Let’s see…

Take one exercise from your workout and multiple your load (weight of dumbbell or stack) by the number of repetitions, by the number of sets. This will give you your volume for the exercise.

Load x Reps x Sets = Volume

For example, you complete 10 repetitions per set in the single arm overhead press, your load averages to 16.6lbs* and you complete 3 sets.

16.6lbs x 3 sets x 10 repetitions per set =498

Two months later…
You’ve made some serious progress, you are now up to 32.5lbs** and you complete 4 sets of 6 repetitions.
32.5lbs x 4 sets x 6 repetitions per set = 1,495

That is a 300% improvement!

It’s a joy to see the positive changes we are making in our effort to live healthfully. Try this with your workout – enjoy!

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*you move between 15 and 20 pounds on the weight stack – 16.6lbs is the average
**you move between the 30 and 35 pounds on the stack –
32.5lbs is the average