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You’re Missing It


BlakelyFITClimberA client and I were catching up after a session. She is by all accounts exceedingly successful professionally, incredibly likable and a joy to have in Strength In Numbers. She repeated the advice she gives her mentees. “The key to success is to work really, really hard. And, then, keep working hard.”

I have two things to say about that.

1. She’s right.

2. “Really, really hard” does not necessarily mean being married to the same plan forever.

Let me explain.

In terms of healthy living, some grab onto one idea with a vengence (e.g. a non-runner training to run a marathon, an extreme diet plan for 30 days, or a 6 workout per week schedule after being sedentary) and not let go until something breaks (schedule, body, will power.) It is true that all of those things are hard. But, that is not the kind of really, really hard work that necessarily pays off when we are talking about healthy living success. The really, really hard work are things like adapting moderate daily habits, acknowledging where you might be kidding yourself and taking the time to define success for yourself.

That kind of work is tough, “really, really hard” even. But, in the game of healthy living success, totally worth it.

Want more inspiration on grit? Watch this…

How Will You Wage Your War?

WageWarBlakelyFITA client has declared war.

Not as a political activist of angry consumer, as a woman holding to her faith in her ability to beat a deadly disease.

Recent visits to her doctors indicate she is hurtling toward a diabetes diagnosis. As a physician’s daughter, she is well versed in the overwhelming implications of this disease. By my account, she was, at first, shocked and understandably upset. Having to face something so life altering is never a mountain any of us would chose to climb. And then, there was a change. A powerful shift. She decided to fight. She threw out old habits and rationalizations and started embracing the advice of experts that believed she could dodge this diagnosis.

And, we’re seeing progress. I am elated to announce that she had dropped her BMI (body mass index). Her internist is thoroughly impressed. So often we turn to a pill to solve our health problems with out first making a concerted effort to address our lifestyle. I am so very proud of this woman and hope her fight and one battle won might encourage you to wage your own war and win.

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I love talking about fitness solutions for women so it was a joy to be interviewed by Health Editor, Emma Haak. We talked tricks and tips and actually stumbled upon a few ideas for another article. (Fingers crossed.)

It’s an honor to be included on such a popular site along such reputable trainers.
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