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How’s that working for you?

Last month, “How’s that working for you?” presented itself to four Blakely FIT clients. Here are their stories.

“How’s that working for you, parent and breadwinner?”
“Pretty bad actually…” When clients take a break from training, I wish them a fond farewell, an open door invite for their return and very sincere hope that they find continued success. This email was sent shortly after a client stopped training with Blakely FIT: “sorry I left working out with you, last night was w/trainer at [Chain gym]… and local Dr thinks I tore rotator cuff in left shoulder. Have to call my Dr to set up an appt for MRI to really find out how bad. Was doing flat bench and took 90lbs off went down and heard like knuckles cracking and needed help w/bar off my chest, but no visible signs of tear.” After calling to check in, I learned there was no assessment, no warm-up, and no progression into such a challenging exercise (all standard practices for professional grade trainers). The lesson: trust your gut! With exercise, classes and instructors, if something seems unsafe during a workout routine, stop, step out and/or ask questions. You are too valuable to yourself and those who rely on you to be put out of commission because of unsafe exercise.

“How’s that working for you, busy career women?”
“The logic is tough but my body feels great” This month, two of my clients, a young career woman and an accomplished professional, changed their understanding of effective workouts. Like many of us, they had an all-or-nothing mentality: Work out at 120 percent or don’t bother. But when I advised them to lower the intensity of their cardio workouts, I was met with initial resistance. Understandably, they individually expressed concern about applying the “less is more” methods to their cardio plan. In the end, the proof is in the pudding and lowering their cardio intensity is already showing measurable weight loss improvements in an incredibly short period of time. With bonus benefits to boot: they each reported “workouts were more enjoyable” and “less daunting.” They felt rejuvenated and optimistic about their cardio instead of exhausted and overwhelmed. Win-Win-Win 🙂

“How’s that working for you, mother and homemaker extraordinaire?”
“Pretty great actually…” I check in with clients about stress levels, diet and weekly schedules – it’s integral to ensuring client success. Being a positive problem solver is an important part of supporting my clients. One client who had her fair share of healthful-eating struggles happily reported a revelation. She was excited about attending a party and blase about the delicious food on the menu (one made specifically for her by the hostess). This was a welcome change. Instead of being stressed and a little annoyed at the task of making “smart food decisions” – she felt great and looked forward to attending. A bit surprised by herself, she smiled at how easy it had become.  What a fantastic accomplishment – it frees up mental space and allows for a more enjoyable party experience. Instead of the old habit of stressing over what to eat or not she can focus on what size eight outfit she’d like to wear.

So, what is your answer? I hope it’s: “Great.” If not, call me – I’d love to help you too. In a few months, your answer will surprise and delight you.

All my best and B FIT,
Michelle 773-680-6824

Have a “How is that working for you?” moment of your own? I’d love to hear it… email your story to