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Shop Smart

With holiday shopping in full swing, I’ve listed tips for making smart fitness product purchases: must haves and items to avoid. As always, please feel free to connect for comments or questions. 773-680-6824

The Power of a Mix Tape: Music is an incredible motivator. It’s also relatively inexpensive and very accessible. Make yourself a great playlist for your cardio workouts. Better yet, ask friends or family to make one for you as a holiday gift. Frugal for them – meaningful and fun for both of you.

Front and Center: One of the most important fitness tools in your closet should be a few high quality sports bras. These should be supportive, fitted and comfortable for a full range of motion in your arms and back. A good test? Jumping up and down should ilicit very little to no movement. I’m sure this is tighter than you are used to but you’ll be more comfortable in the end and grateful years down the road. Great place to start your shopping: Title 9

Feet First: How old are your gym shoes? If you are exercising regularly (3 to 5x per week), you should be replacing your shoes about every three months. If you are not exercising regularly, please note that the supportive materials in gym shoes do breakdown after a year or so. I am not a proponent of $200 shoes, unless your podiatrist insists. Instead, visit a department store like Kohls and find two or three pairs that you love and swap them out as necessary to keep your hips, ankles, knees and back happy.

My top “No-no”? Infomercials. They sell products for a reason. They are attention grabbing, slick and offer immediate gratification. This holiday I encourage you to avoid the gadgets. I have yet to meet a person that is regularly using the 16 DVD set, machine or ab ball that promised size 4 dresses and a happier life. Put your focus on creating a habit to move more. It you need equipment later, great. Remember, the tool doesn’t matter if you don’t have the habit to use it.