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One Minute to Calculate Your Strength

As promised this week on Facebook, here is a tool to get a sense of your strength and nervous system changes in the gym:

Am I stronger? Let’s see…

Take one exercise from your workout and multiple your load (weight of dumbbell or stack) by the number of repetitions, by the number of sets. This will give you your volume for the exercise.

Load x Reps x Sets = Volume

For example, you complete 10 repetitions per set in the single arm overhead press, your load averages to 16.6lbs* and you complete 3 sets.

16.6lbs x 3 sets x 10 repetitions per set =498

Two months later…
You’ve made some serious progress, you are now up to 32.5lbs** and you complete 4 sets of 6 repetitions.
32.5lbs x 4 sets x 6 repetitions per set = 1,495

That is a 300% improvement!

It’s a joy to see the positive changes we are making in our effort to live healthfully. Try this with your workout – enjoy!

Need help with your healthy living? Email. I’d be happy to hear from you:

*you move between 15 and 20 pounds on the weight stack – 16.6lbs is the average
**you move between the 30 and 35 pounds on the stack –
32.5lbs is the average

At last!!!

It’s finally here my beautiful readers! The first day of Spring has arrived! It’s still chilly our there but let’s plan for brighter, warmer, lighter clothed days ahead. Here are some of my favorites.
Forward to a friend and put it on the calendar now.
Get ready for the big bloom: Chicago Botanic Garden



Can’t wait, need it now: Garfield and Lincoln Park Conservatory



Free and easy: Walk by the lake front…


Lake front


Walkin’ on sunshine (and OK with falling in the water): SUP Yoga…
Michelle Blakely SUP Yoga headstand
Have fun and let me know if you enjoyed it!
Send me a picture on facebook or via email.

I Am a Hypocrite #4 

MBlakelyOverheadpressBlakelyFIT2014The past few weeks, every time I demonstrate an exercise involving a pressing or pushing motion with my right shoulder, I lower the weight. During my own workouts I adjust the program to accommodate the pain. Sometimes simply placing bags into my car or carrying my kids is a challenge. The point? I am a hypocrite. If I client came in with this problem I would be pleasantly relentless in encouraging her to get help. Myself? I keep it on the back burner and let other priorities win out.

My message beautiful readers is this:

1. Make the time to care for pressing health issues before they get too bad. (I just left messages at my internist and PT offices – hypocrisy squashed.)

2. I think it’s important that you know I struggle with all of this healthy living work, too. It’s challenging. When you come in to see me, in some way, I probably know how you feel and am eager to help you fix it.

Take good care of yourselves today and make that appointment for care/support/training you’ve been postponing.

The Full Monty

Blakely FIT’s Polar Plunge 2015 for
Special OlympicsTHE FULL MONTY

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21 degrees when I leave home for the plunge.

My brother Matt and his Motorola colleagues, Matt, Nick and I enjoy the warmth of the first responders tent (sponsored my Motorola Solutions Foundation) as we discuss strategy for plunging all the way. (“Launch yourself into the lake with out hesitation” is the winner.) Safety crews (in dry suits because they, are not insane) search and remove for sharp objects that could impale plungers.

There it is. Icey Lake Michigan.
They had to dig the ice out with a back hoe.
This is nuts.
Waiting our turn. You can tell by my face, I’m not so sure this was a good idea anymore. My Blakely FIT beach towel is the only thing keeping me warm at this point (Thank you, Kristin!)
Bagpipes lead that charge by walking into the water first.

Celebrities, Lady Gaga (on video), Vince Vaughn and Taylor Kinney make us all proud by plunging all the way.

The gates are open. This is happening.
I spot a hole in the ice and run for it.
(You’ll notice on the video another plunger and I collide – he was trying to get out I was trying to get in – ridiculous!)

Motorola’s commitment to helping those that help so many of us. Slogan is beautifully caught by Special Olympics photographers as Matt exits the water.
Adrenaline is a wonderful thing!!! It was awesome! (I truly thought more people would be wearing swimsuits!)
You can see the ice on Matt’s head and the snow falling from the sky.
  See. Adrenaline. You’d think we just won the gold.
Jumping in the lake was definitely a rush but none of it would have been possible with out the incredible volunteers!!!

DSC06712I am thrilled to cross that off my bucket list and honored so many of you have opened your wallets and posted such encouraging words! It would not have been possible with out your remarkable generosity and support. My very heartfelt thanks!

Here’s the video!