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It’s Not Your Fault…

BlakelyPumpkin2When most of us were moving through the school system, there was little focus on teaching students to live healthfully. Arguably there was also less of a need. Most of us walked everywhere, played outside for hours and ate unprocessed foods. Formal healthy living discussion was often limited to to P.E. class, Home Economics, and maybe lessons on the Krebs Cycle.

So, it’s understandable that some of us are confused or feel that living healthfully is eluding us. Never fear, simple solutions are readily available. Living healthful can do wonders for our quality of life and capacity to enjoy our day to day.

Take a peek at these easy tools to steer yourself back on track.

  • Excellent, consice article explaining what is really going on when we exercise: Huffington Post
  • My favorite nutrient rich food app, recipes, simple explanations and alternatives: SuperFoodsRX
  • The CDC 2008 Guidelines are a great start. Click on your age group and see how you fare: CDC Guidlines
  • Support for living healthfully as a family: Thank you, Michelle Obama!: Let’s Move

And, of course, you can always reach out to me. I would be delighted to help.

Happy Halloween, everyone! Be safe and have fun! 773-680-6824

W.I.S.E. Success!

Michelle's 1st 39th - trimming hedges

I was a big fan of the show Dirty Jobs for a while. Have you seen it? Personally, I had a bit of a crush on the host, Mike Rowe. Anyway, one episode was all military. They illustrated how a few soldiers leveraged winches and pulleys to pull a multi-ton military vehicle out from being stuck in the sand. The winches and pulleys were their mechanical advantage. The winches and pulleys provided leverage in a seemingly impossible situation.  

That’s how I see exercise. I firmly believe, exercise can be your mechanical advantage. With all that you have to accomplish, exercise will give you leverage…

It was an honor to be a part of the Industrial Supply Association’s, Women Industrial Supply Executive’s Summit this week in Tempe, Arizona. An incredible group of women and outstanding fellow panelists / committee members made it an exceptional event. One of my favorite exerts from the talk above…  detailed follow up coming soon.


Michelle and Patrick Silly at Wedding

Conversation between my husband and me:

Michelle: “I don’t really like it when people assume I only eat low fat foods.”

Patrick: “Well, it’s kind of a compliment. They’re indirectly assuming that you practice what you preach.’”

Michelle: “It’s not the misconception about me that’s upsetting, it’s the misconception about how to live healthfully.”

The path to consistent exercise and healthy living are (at times) misunderstood. Infomercials, elevator talk, misinformed friends or family, and poor reporting have left some of us mistaken about the effective and accurate guidelines for healthy living. Like the new kid in class, I hope you make the time to get to know the truth about effective ways to live healthfully. Below are the top three wellness misconceptions repeatedly crossing my desk:

Misconception #1: Healthy eating for weight loss is primarily about fat and calories.
Food is more to our bodies than weight management. Nutrients are an important part of the equation. Focusing solely on fat grams and calorie intake will leave you unsuccessful (and very unsatisfied.)

Misconception #2: Lifting weights will make me big and bulky.
I have met VERY few women in my line of work that are genetically predisposed to “bulk up.” Lifting weights has tremendous benefits for your health, longevity, injury prevention and weight loss. As long as you are with a skilled trainer, there is nothing to fear.

Misconception #3: Faster, harder or more intense is better.
Unless you are a serious athlete or training for a VERY specific event, faster, harder and more intense is NOT necessarily better. Moderate exercises performed on a regular basis is generally an excellent exercise prescription for individuals wanting to lose weight and improve their wellness and health.

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