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Fill in the blank…

We are working on a little Mother’s Day project and need your voice!

BlakelyFIT Koala mom and baby bear

Email your “fill-in” for the statements below (or some version thereof), a photo of you and your mom/children and enjoy a chance to win a $125 Blakely FIT gift certificate!

“My mother taught me about strength by…

“Being a mother taught me about strength by…

Whether you do it for the gift or do it for the moms – we are honored to have your input! Thanks so much!

Email fill-ins and photos to: or just post below.

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Bring the F-word Back

When did living healthfully become such a chore? I say, bring the fun back! (That is the f-word I was referring to, of course.) When we were kids we could make a game out of anything. Tap into that silliness and free-spirit again and let your body move.

I’m inspired by my brothers and husband who last Sunday grabbed a few Frisbees and started playing a rather intense game of catch. This escalated into an impromptu photo shoot of unbelievable shots (uh-um). We were laughing, moving and having a fantastic time acting like goof balls. Let’s bring the f-word back to being fit and have a good time while doing it.







Maze PLAY IT OUT Blakely FITSomewhere along the line I overheard an Alcoholics Anonymous tool that resonated. And has benefited my clients ever since.

Every alcoholic is tempted after making it through recovery. After working so hard to attain sobriety, the patient is invited to think through how that first sip of alcohol would play out. At best, drinking again would be a weekend lost to decisions under the influence, at worst, a slide back into the disease taking hold of their life and volition. Whether you agree that healthy living is as serious as sobriety or not, I ask you to use this tool if it helps.

Here are some client examples…

  • In the moment I am about to fall asleep on the couch, PLAY IT OUT: I’ll feel much better if I just drag myself to bed right now and get a solid night’s sleep.
  • In the moment I am about to hit the break room to see what pastries our vendor brought, PLAY IT OUT: If I keep walking, I’ll avoid the three trips back that will inevitably follow my first taste and make me feel like I should just throw in the towel for the rest of the day too.
  • In the moment I am about to berate my body because I’m not quite where I want to be physically, PLAY IT OUT: That kind of negative self talk only results in extreme and temporary behaviors, encourages feeling bad about myself, being crabby and eventually causes me to comfort my feelings with food.
  • In the moment I am about to start another extreme workout regimen, PLAY IT OUT: Injury and exhaustion are on the horizon, I’ll end up forced to rest after pushing too hard and damaging my health more than helping it.

Whatever your “first sip” is, do yourself a favor and take a moment to PLAY IT OUT. It could be an easy tool that brings you to a happier ending.

I’m rooting for you and here to help if you need it!

Missing the Motivation?

The motivation and strength to live healthfully is in your hands right now.
But, I suspect your not using it.
Most of us don’t.
Here’s how you can change it.
BlakelyFITClientBicep Curl
Think of something you have accomplished that you are proud of. It can be ANYTHING you deem important.
Next, think about how you got there.
  • Incredible amounts of studying to get that MBA
  • A monk-like patience with your terrible twos toddler
  • An impressive work ethic that earned you a promotion
  • The discipline to save enough money to buy your own home
  • The fortitude to quit smoking
The road to that accomplishment wasn’t easy and it wasn’t perfect. (Can I get an “Amen”?) So, why do we expect ourselves to be perfect, and the road to be easy when it comes to healthy living. Change that perspective and a fountain of motivation is there for you. Build on what you have accomplished in the past to fuel the change toward living healthier.
What if we gave ourselves the same timeline that it took to get our MBA or promotion or two healthy kids? That seems more fair, doesn’t it? I understand we want immediate change and that’s why we expect so much of ourselves. But isn’t it also true that we want lasting change? Well, that takes some time and some learning and some failing and recovery. And let me tell you something else – it’s worth it.So stop expecting yourself to get this all at once and all alone. Get some help, focus on what you have accomplished elsewhere and use it to remind yourself – you can do this! Worthwhile change takes time. You have done it before, you can do it again.As always, I’m rooting for you!
Need help with your healthy living? Email. I’d be happy to hear from you: