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Top Tricks for Turkey Day

 Top Tricks for Turkey Day

  • First thing tomorrow morning – go for a walk outside (5 minutes or 50 – the fresh air and movement will make for a great start)
  • Eat plenty of fruit with your breakfast (pack in the nutrients)
  • Have your first drink at the party be water (especially if you are a lightweight in the drinking department)
  • Decide which two dishes are your absolute favorite and enjoy (exercise moderation with the others)
  • Park conversations away from the appetizer table
  • Help with the dishes after the dinner course (limits overeating and what host doesn’t love that?)
  •  Do NOT go to the party ravenous (have a snack before you arrive)
  •  Feeling stressed? (aren’t we all at some point) Take five deep breaths (Really stressed? Ten deep breaths and consider moving on to your second drink 😉

 Hope these are helpful. My utmost gratitude to you for your patronage and reading. Wishing you and yours a very healthy, happy and enjoyable Thanksgiving!

Marketing Motivation

Marketing MotivationMac or PC? Frugalista or Princess? Starbucks or local cafe? Shopping lately seems to be as much about the branding as it is about the product. Marketing messages are connecting our purchases with our identity. As consumers, we seem to be on board with this – tying our definitions of ourselves to what we chose to patronize or protest, to what we like and dislike. What does this have to do with fitness? Stay with me.

Recently, I was delighted to hear a unique goal from a new client. She asked for help in connecting her identity to her fitness. She wants to have exercise and an active lifestyle as an ingrained part of her life, a characteristic that helps identify her as a person. When people think of her, they will think of her energetic, healthy behaviors. When she plans her week and thinks about vacations, a fit woman embraces what lies ahead and enjoys activities requiring stamina, balance and a well tuned body. Her “brand” includes vitality, fitness and strength. She is molding her behaviors to match her ideal image but not with a dress size or number on the scale.

Why not capitalize on this need to identify ourselves by our likes and dislikes, patronage and protest? Decide who you are and who you want to be – allow it to inspire you as well. Of course this client wants to look great in a bikini (don’t we all?) and that will come. The key here is her desire to embrace a new lifestyle to match her ideal self. This distinct mentality might be a more powerful motivator and ultimately the key to her success.

We of course are all complex individuals that do not fit into little branding boxes. But as a tool for motivation toward a better life – this might be an untapped well. Consider it for yourself and maybe the next time a compelling ad passes your screen, you’ll embrace the actions required to be healthier and fit.

Trick AND Treat

First, the Trick:

My absolute favorite trick this month? Toss it: Whether at the office or in our home, most of us have leftover Halloween candy lying around. If it’s there, eventually we will eat it. Take two minutes today and pick out the few pieces you LOVE and then toss the rest. No sense consuming candy you don’t really even like – save your candy fix for the really good stuff.

Then, the Treat: Morton Arboretum Tree

Make a date with your workout and take it someplace special. Why not visit the Morton Arboretum this weekend for a lovely walk or jog? Yes, many of the leaves have fallen but there is still an abundance of stunning foliage to enjoy (I was just there last weekend.) Plenty to do with the kids if needed and really enjoyable tram rides to see beyond the distance your legs can carry you. Making your workout a special, beautiful, out of the ordinary event might be a wonderful boost to your body and your spirits.

 As always, feel free to connect with questions, feedback or interest in scheduling an appointment. Have a wonderful weekend!

All my best, Michelle

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