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I’m a Hypocrite #1

Last week, I wrote to you about the privilege of attending
Dr. Nancy Snyderman‘s presentation on women’s health. The following is what I didn’t share. Side note: Seeing as I’m certain to write more than one Friday Quickie illustrating my moments of hypocrisy, I thought I’d just dive right in and tittle this as such. Enjoy! 


Joining my husband’s work trip brought me to San Antonio. He had work commitments.  I had nothing. As a mother, business owner and household manager, “doing nothing” is glorious and rare.

Anywho, I was headed on a trip to do nothing. I was excited. My first day was 7:30am to 7:00pm of commuting. This would be a nightmare for some, but hours of alone time to read, listen to podcasts and eat food I did not prepare was again, glorious. My only responsibility was paying attention to my flights – turns out, I can do that. The second day offered more time to sit by the pool, enjoy the lazy river and small talk with other conference attendees. I actually took a Pilates class. A fitness class may not be everyone’s idea of relaxation but for me – glorious.

At this point, I have done well. I have held strong in my agenda to relax and recharge by doing nothing. My commitment to take care of myself however, takes a turn.
A few wives at the conference kept encouraging me to attend the “spouses event,” (aforementioned talk by by Dr. Nancy Snyderman.)  I was initially good about simply stating,”no thank you” but started to waiver. I rationalized, “Well, it is a great opportunity to hear a speaker that I normally would not have a chance to hear.” “I might gain some insight relating to the needs of my growing clients.” “The plane ride later today will be relaxing.” Blah, blah, blah.
So, I put on make up, dressed in non-pool attire and made pleasant small talk at a fancy breakfast until our speaker’s presentation. I mentioned last week that I attended the talk. I didn’t mention that I almost got up and left. Miles from home with no responsibilities and 90 degree, sunny weather, I guilted myself into getting back on the train – learning, working, doing what it seemed I “should” be doing – attending the talk. Instead of what I had agreed to do – NOTHING. So, you can imagine the irony when Dr. Snyderman’s key piece of advice was to reduce our stress levels and take breaks. I quietly shook my head and thought, “I should be at the pool.”
I constantly encourage clients to put themselves on their “to do” list, to make time for breaks and relaxation. And to hold firm to those commitments. Hence, the hypocrisy.
Pat and Michelle by the PoolThe good news is – I’m a quick study. Fixing my falter was easy. Instead of sightseeing down town after the talk (I’ll catch ya next time, San Antonio), I insisted on laying by the pool until my flight. It was wonderful! Best decision I’ve made in weeks.
I hope that next time you are wavering about taking some time for yourself you commit to being your own advocate, you grab your towel and sunblock and head to the metaphorical pool. Taking care of ourselves by taking a break is so important!
We can’t always head to the pool. What do you do to recharge your batteries? Let’s share our good ideas: post your favorite “recharge” on our blog or facebook page.

Carve It Out

Dr. Nancy Snyderman graciously taking a photo with Michelle Blakely in San Antonio, Texas.

Dr. Nancy Snyderman graciously taking a photo with Michelle Blakely in San Antonio, Texas.

I had the privilege of hearing Dr. Nancy Snyderman present on the topic of health issues for women this past week. She touched on the expected: stress, exercise, eating healthfully and seeking quality treatment from our physicians. But, less expectedly, she spent a great deal of time encouraging each of us women to: “carve out time for yourself.”

Through entertaining anecdotes Dr. Snyderman illustrated the importance of making time to step off the train of your life and recharge your batteries. The essential element to her message was placing the onus on each of us. No one is going to step in and ask us to do less, to take a break, to let go of our responsibilities. We must make the time and ruffle a few feathers if necessary. This is easier said than done but well worth our effort. Reducing stress is a huge component to living a healthier life.
So, in honor of this talk, I encourage you to take her advice. This stunning, sixty year-old surgeon, mother of adult children, daughter of aging parents and chief medical correspondent has access to a wealth of the best medical information in the world. Her advice? For women like us to put ourselves on the priority list and recharge our batteries. The better we take care of ourselves the better our lives will be and our capacity to love and help those around us when we need to. Let’s listen!
Have a favorite way to recharge your batteries? Post it here…

Krispy Kale

Rinse one large bunch of kale.
Remove stems and cut into 3″ bite-size pieces.
Drizzle with olive oil and sea salt.
Spread onto parchment paper and bake at 250 degrees for about 15 minutes (remove when edges start to brown.)

Doubt the deliciousness? That’s my four year old’s hand in the photo – she couldn’t wait for another bite. Thanks to my baby brother for the recipe.