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“Help” Is the Answer

In an effort to unwind, I watched a little “Date Night” last night. I laughed, smiled and renewed my appreciation for Mark Whalberg’s work out regimen (sincerely Mark, thank you.) In enjoying the impeccable timing of Tina Fey and Steve Carrell, I was also given a gentle reminder: get help. About 50 minutes in, Tina Fey’s character vents about the exhaustion of being a wife, mother and professional. I love this clip. She monologues her daily routine and fantasizes being alone to enjoy a sandwich in a quiet, cool hotel room with out anyone touching or needing her. It always makes me simultaneously laugh and nod. What I usually over look is Steve Carrell’s character’s offer to help, to make her life easier, if she’ll let him.
What does all this have to do with exercise and being healthy? A lot. Health is largely dependent on habits. If we don’t say no or make room for other people/services to lighten the load, exercise and healthful eating rarely happen. So, take a tip from “Date Night.” Look around and see if there is anyone that could help you manage your “to do” list. Are you missing out on a healthier life because you insist on doing it all “my way” or alone? Don’t. Ask for help and take it. It just might be your key to a healthier lifestyle.
PS Mom, yes I’d love to take you up on your offer – please bring 6 foil Happy Birthday balloons on Sunday :). Thanks!

I Am a Hypocrite #2

Michelle's 1st 39th - trimming hedges

For my first, 39th birthday this week, I had an idyllic day planned: trimming hedges alone at our new home. This may seem a ridiculous scenario for a birthday, but I love to have time to myself and being outdoors on a beautiful day to improve our new house is a joy to me.

My 4th of July FQ (Friday Quickie) discussed the importance of sun protection. I am a hypocrite. Usually so vigilant, I felt a little invincible on my birthday, (the double Frappacino and a power tools didn’t hurt.) I thought, “a little sun might be good for me.”¬†Wrong. I currently have freckled white stripes on my shoulders bordered in hot pink patches.

So my brilliant readers, please learn from my mistake: click those seat belts, warm-up before workouts, train for your races and always wear a helmet. Mother Nature doesn’t care if it’s your birthday.