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Sweet in the Morning


One of my beautiful college dance professors, Nina Lucas, performed a stunning solo to Bobby McFerrin’s “Sweet in the Morning.” (listen here) She asked us what we thought the song was referring to. Our answers varied from the mundane to the racy.

I now have a new answer: exercise. I have come to this place of morning workout evangelism after years of witnessing client success. Morning workouts offer fewer excuses, fewer alternative commitments vying for our time, less competition at studios or gyms, and no opportunity for earlier appointments to push us too late to workout.

The other outstanding bonus is the sense of accomplishment. Working out in the morning gives us a boost of energy, the reward of getting “the hard part” done first and a surge of “feel good” natural chemicals all before 9am. Have you ever given it a try? Are you already a believer? Either way, I send you my encouragement – exercise can be quite sweet first thing in the morning.

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

Winter 2012 Total Control Class Participants and Instructors
I am delighted to share that I am now a Total Control Instructor. Created by Missy Lavender of the Women’s Health Foundation, this program empowers women to reclaim their pelvic health through education, self monitoring and thoughtful exercise. I am honored to be part of this network of health and fitness professionals and happy to share this valuable information with my readers and clients over the coming months and years.

Announcement #2:

Blakely FIT is proud to announce that we have moved to automated, paperless, monthly billing. Always striving for efficiency and excellence in systems and customer service, we are delighted at this positive change and grateful to our current client base for their participation in this smooth transition.


George and Grandma Blakely

My little brother passed along this quote: “If your grandparents wouldn’t recognize it, don’t eat it.” Simple, memorable and a strong deterrent from ingesting overly processed and artificially flavored/colored foods.
Grandparents still around? Why not take them to the grocery store or out to a restaurant? I’m sure it will be an enlightening conversation. Have a great week!

Killing Birds

What is your new year’s resolution? Lose weight? Save money? Why not kill two birds with one stone? Consider exercise your shiny, new slingshot. Below, I list some ideas for capitalizing on your precious time and valiant resolution efforts.

“Lose weight” goals? No surprise here, exercise is your new best friend. Opt for moderate intensity and habit creation.

“Save money” goals? Being healthier can save you tens of thousands of dollars over a lifetime: healthcare costs, insurance premiums and food costs to name a few. One study reported $1,429 higher healthcare costs to obese individuals each year versus their normal weight counterparts.

“Better career” goals? Being fit makes you more attractive to potential employers because they know the additional costs of having unhealthy employees. It is illegal, but still goes on.

“Be organized” goals? Nothing will help you remember to plan the day before like forgetting to put your dress socks or bra into your work out bag. Seriously, exercise itself requires some planning and in that planning other parts of your day can fall into place more easily. On the flip side, getting organized may fuel exercising. Who doesn’t feel more energized after cleaning out a closet?

“Spend more time with friends” goals? This is a layup. Attend a recurring class, make a workout date or start an intramural team with friends. You can be active and spend time together.

“Be a better partner/parent/sibling/child” goals? I defer to one of my favorite quotes: “In terms of pursuing personal, optimal health, it’s not selfish- let’s shake that monkey off our backs. It’s the fit person who has the energy and availability to be charitable, help others, and give more of herself.” -Fitness for Geeks

And to each of you, my very sincere wishes for a joyful, healthy and rewarding 2013!
Happy New Year!