Confessions of a Personal Trainer #1

RunonFrankfortILBridgeI played a little hooky Thursday so I could jog in this gorgeous weather. Professionally, I preach exercise benefits daily. But, that’s not why I went for a run. And to be completely honest, that is rarely ever why I go for a run. Truth be told, I dislike cardio. Yep, I said it. I’m not a fan. Well, at least at the onset.

My initial response to starting that weekly bout of repetitive movement is a downer. The excuses flow, the reluctance begins and the other pressing obligations suddenly become that much more pressing. Is this really a surprise? You are reading a post from a fitness professional who’s tag line is “Strength Training Exclusively for Women.” Why do I do it? Well, I start (and finish) my cardio because it solves a problem that few other behaviors can solve so easily. Cardio gets me out of my head. Moderate heart rate elevating exercise offers an easy, reliable, respite from my thoughts and significant boost to my mood. Something happens about 12 minutes into moving. My head become clearer, my problems become smaller and solutions seem a few steps away. And for a mom, wife, business owner and speaker, that, is priceless.

I know the chemistry behind this reaction. The mind bending chemicals and interactions occurring when we exercise are incredible. But, that logic is not what brings me back. The feeling is what brings me back: the clarity, the relief, and the refreshment after my cardio are my motivation.

For me, it’s like that friend that will tell you exactly how it is. You may not like what she has to say initially, but, ultimately her candor is exactly what you needed to hear. Maybe cardio could be your friend too? Give it a try. Call for help: 773-680-6824