Why Strength?

Strength Training Exclusively for Women

You’ve seen our tag line, Strength Training Exclusively for Women. Here’s our response to “why strength?”



We cannot control what life throws our way, our strength can be a constant. It will help us handle, enjoy and overcome.

Improving our strength can be complicated, finding a guide is essential to our success.

Like money, strength doesn’t necessarily make everything better but it does make everything easier.

Energy and time are our greatest commodities, strength facilitates both.

We are just scratching the surface of the benefits and role of the musculoskeletal system with in a healthy body. Researchers are discovering it is far more than a means to move from A to B.

Improved strength raises your metabolism at rest. Consider that for a moment, at rest!?

We can positively change your brain by improving your strength. (To quote my daughter “Seriously.”)

In an increasingly virtual world, physical, tangible accomplishments are highly satisfying and empowering.

Using strength to look good is great.

Using strength to feel good is awesome.

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Next week, “why women?”