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Do It for Our Country

Politics are emotional. Whichever camp you associate with, this eighteen month election process has been polarizing. Republican, Tea Party, and Libertarian supporters are dismayed at their loss. But even in the joy of victory, some Democrats are still concerned about the future. And that’s not addressing the local elections. As an eternal solution seeker, I have a suggestion. (Yes, little miss small business owner, personal trainer lady has an idea to uplift our country.) Exercise.
I’m completely serious.Many of the political debates addressed debt, economic growth, job growth, healthcare, and the future and wellness of this great nation. Well, what if every citizen improved their health and well being by 10 percent via exercise? I think it would be revolutionary and empowering. Exercise benefits are exponential and far reaching. This idea is not flashy or fast (exercise takes time and effort) but it’s definitely faster than some of the current solutions on the table. It would cost us nothing and we have nothing to lose (well, outside of debt and extra body fat.) Think Mitch McDeere in “The Firm” when he learns that mail fraud is the way to get the bad guys – “It’s not sexy, but it’s got teeth.” It could work, right? Let’s get back to exercise. A few morning walks, more time actively playing with our kids, using our devices for a quick 15 minute work out… every week, every month, every year. It is doable and effective.

Now, before I receive an onslaught of emails, save your fingers. I understand this country’s problems are vast, diverse and complicated. I also understand implementing exercise is hard. (Read any one of my blog posts.) l also understand no one wants to be unhealthy or sick. The heart of my suggestion lies in the power of the individual as one of our unwavering strengths. Improving the health and wellness of individuals is a low-cost, red-tape-free, legislation avoiding, bipartisan, citizen empowering, immediately implementable win-win-win situation that does not require committee or debate. An OK from you doctor, a decent pair of shoes and we’re ready.

Who’s with me? I’m looking for name for this movement. Drop me your suggestion. Winner gets a prize 🙂

All my best, Michelle

BFIT Figure

Beyond the “quickie” below:

A few facts relentlessly crossing my desk that inform this suggestion:

Do you know you that by not exercising you are more likely to get heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, type two diabetes or have a stroke? (Our healthcare system cost crisis is not clogged up with healthy people annual check ups.)

Do you know exercise improves mental health and reduces risk for depression? (who isn’t blue after watching political discussions)

Do you know you are a more attractive candidate on a job search if you are fit? (It’s illegal but still happens. Thomas Reuters Workforce Wellness Index stated “The unhealthy behaviors of the U.S. workforce cost employers an average of $670 per employee annually.” Being fit is actually an asset to your employer – hiring agents know this.)

Did you know obesity out ranks smoking in it’s life expectancy implications? (yikes)

Did you know exercise has incredible brain benefits? (I am literally smarter after a workout)

Did you know exercise can make you a better parent? (sex life, patience, sleep quality, energy levels – what parent doesn’t want that?)

Did you know exercise can make you a better employee? (attitude implications, health care costs, teamwork)

Did you know exercise by pregnant mother’s can make for healthier babies, mothers, deliveries and postpartum? (healthy mommies, healthy babies, healthy future)

Did you know seniors participating in strength training showed cognitive benefits as well as reduced health care costs? (win-win)

Did you know various measures of strength are inversely related to mortality in men and women?

Did you know exercise is positively related to entrepreneurial and executive effectiveness and goal attainment? (small business is a huge contributor to job growth)

Did you know a diabetes epidemic is heading for our children? Let’s set the derail that heartbreak and health care cost.

Did you know exercise can improve your quality of life now and in the future?

Did you know movement helps with problem solving? (not that you or I have any problems)

The list goes on. But in short, exercising citizens can channel their joy and frustration and take some of the burden off of the nation by being as healthy as possible.
So, the next time you are thinking about canceling your workout or frustrated by politics or the state of the union, be proactive. Take control of your power to influence. Improve you health, your wealth and your country… Exercise.

(Jokes aside – all of the statements are based on sound research – email if you would like sources)

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