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Do You Know What You Want?

Last month, one client moved from her coveted 7am slot to another. I immediately knew who to call. A separate client expressed a standing request for that time slot months ago. I was thrilled to send the email and delighted to fit her in the calendar.
What does personal training scheduling have to do with being fit and healthy? I argue – if you don’t know what you want – you’re a lot less likely to get it. Have you ever taken the time to think about what you really want in terms of your health and fitness? Not general wishes as we stand frustrated in front of the fridge or closet. I mean specific contemplative desires.

Part of the intake process for Blakely FIT clients addresses these details but you can take advantage of my experience as a trainer and try this on your own. Here’s how:

  • Set aside one hour
  • Go for a vigorous walk outside with out interaction or disruption for at least 30 minutes (I recommend the lakefront)
  • Arrive at a distraction free location for some quiet time and meditate on the thought: “What do I want?”
  • Write it down

Although simple each of these steps has specific reasoning. The vigorous walk releases important chemicals in your brain, the lack of distractions will reduce peer pressure, being out doors opens us to a sense of freedom, writing solidifies our thoughts. I hope this helps you learn a little bit more about yourself and ultimately brings you closer to a happier, healthier body.

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