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Did you celebrate that?

IMG_9855A client and I were talking about her “last minute” efforts (6 weeks to the final fitting) to feel as healthy and fit as possible before her wedding. In our discussion, I encouraged her to take stock of all that she’s accomplished thus far.

The results were impressive:

“I feel so much better.”

“I definitely am healthier. I used to take antibiotics twice a winter for sinus infections, this year – none.”

“My clothes are fitting better.”

“I realized I do¬†look better.”

How often do you take stock and celebrate what you’ve accomplished? Not nearly enough? I hear you. It’s so easy to get caught up in the bustle of what needs to be done and gloss over the importance of celebrating our hard work.

My husband and I celebrated our ten year anniversary this month. A simple dinner alone provided some precious time to revel in and acknowledge all that we have been through, enjoyed and surprised by over the last decade. That simple conversation was gift.

Make a date to celebrate yourself and all your healthy living efforts. There is power in acknowledging our accomplishments and that kind of power is a beautiful gift that keeps on giving.


2 thoughts on “Did you celebrate that?

  1. I love this Michelle!!!! I am so inspired by your wisdom. I am reminiscing today on Jen’s birth today 34 years ago. Such a beautiful journey of incredible memories. Even the bumps can be celebrated because maybe I got a few knocks in the head to grow in some way.
    That is to be appreciated!!! XO

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