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Must Read Muscle Basics

Must Read Muscle Basics


Why a photo of a high fashion model chewing bubble gum? Because I needed to get your attention. There are too many smart women out there confused or misinformed about muscles. Below, I debunk some muscle myths and shed light on some fascinating facts regarding your beautiful and possibly neglected power houses. I hope these tidbits help you stay motivated during workouts and keep you from wasting your precious time.

Myth: “I can spot reduce by lifting weights.”

Advice: Get off the inner/outer thigh machine and stop doing crunches! It’s not helping like you think it is.

Fact: You CANNOT spot reduce “fatty” areas with site specific muscle training. IF this were true, everyone who chewed gum would have skinny faces.

Myth: “If I lift weights, I will bulk up like a man/body builder.

Advice: Let go of the fear and get your fine self over to the free weight area (or call me to make an appointment.) There are tremendous benefits to weightlifting for women. 

Fact: VERY few women have the genetic tendencies required to make significant muscle mass increases. Body builders devote an incredible about of time and very specific training regimes to look as large as they do.

Myth: “Lifting weights will make me less flexible.”

Advice: PROPER strength training technique actually increases flexibility.

Fact: In one sport comparison study, Olympic Weightlifters were second only to figure skaters and gymnasts in terms of flexibility.   

Myth: “Muscle weighs more than fat.”

Advice: Think it through, which is heavier – a pound of feathers or a pound of lead? 

Fact: The truer statement is “Muscle weighs more per square inch than body fat.” This explains why two women weighing the same amount will wear different dress sizes. The woman carrying more muscle and less body fat may wear a size six, whereas the woman carrying more body fat and less muscle might wear a size eight or ten.  

 As always, feel free to connect with me if you would like to come in and get those lovely muscles working for you in the way they were intended. Drop me a line with any questions. Have a wonderful weekend! All my best, Michelle 773-680-6824

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