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Trick AND Treat

First, the Trick:

My absolute favorite trick this month? Toss it: Whether at the office or in our home, most of us have leftover Halloween candy lying around. If it’s there, eventually we will eat it. Take two minutes today and pick out the few pieces you LOVE and then toss the rest. No sense consuming candy you don’t really even like – save your candy fix for the really good stuff.

Then, the Treat: Morton Arboretum Tree

Make a date with your workout and take it someplace special. Why not visit the Morton Arboretum this weekend for a lovely walk or jog? Yes, many of the leaves have fallen but there is still an abundance of stunning foliage to enjoy (I was just there last weekend.) Plenty to do with the kids if needed and really enjoyable tram rides to see beyond the distance your legs can carry you. Making your workout a special, beautiful, out of the ordinary event might be a wonderful boost to your body and your spirits.

 As always, feel free to connect with questions, feedback or interest in scheduling an appointment. Have a wonderful weekend!

All my best, Michelle

Headshot of Michelle Blakely by Kim Kort Photography

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