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Your Breast Investment

Your Breast Investment

Being breast cancer awareness month, it’s fitting to address a simple topic relevant to every active woman: proper support for your breasts.  If you invest in one expensive piece of equipment for your workouts, make it a fabulous sports bra. Weather you include high impact movements in your sessions or not, your breasts need the support provided by a serious bra. How serious? Try this test:

  1. Put your bra on at home in front of the mirror.
  2. Jump up and down.

Do the girls move? Do they bounce up and down? Yes? Then it’s time to go shopping. Or, do they stay strapped in tight with zero movement? Then girlfriend, we have a winner.

I wish you happy shopping for a supportive new bra. It is truly an investment that will pay off today and years into the future.  All my best, Michelle

Headshot of Michelle Blakely by Kim Kort Photography

Donate $25 to the Breast Cancer charity of your choice and receive $50 off your next Blakely FIT purchase.

Just bring your donation receipt to your new client assessment or session package purchase. 

Offer valid until November 15th 2011.  

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