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In Stress … Do Less

Part of optimal fitness training is assessing client stress levels. Exercise itself is stress on the body. Additional stressors must be factored in during workouts. Ignoring a client’s stress level can lead to over training symptoms, injury or hindered progress.

Bad news at work, extra demands at home, anxiety about a pending situation? Any one of these situations demands more from our body and mind allowing limited resources for recovery and fuel during exercise. In order to have beneficial workouts during such times, we must pull back and lighten the intensity. Only then can our bodies enjoy the rejuvenating affects of movement. Resist the temptation to scrap the work out  or exercise in fifth gear. Instead, benefit from this little secret:

“in stress – do less”

A few suggestions:
  • Reduce: instead of 45 minutes – do 20
  • Instead of a level 3 class, take the beginner session
  • Instead of running – walk
  • Instead of loading the kids in the car and driving somewhere – have a 10 minute dance party in your living room
  • Instead of a full resistance training session – do a quality warm- up, ten minutes of brisk walking and three abdominal exercises
  • Instead of a full class do the first half, cool down in a separate area for 5 minutes and then stretch
  • Really stressed? Try constructive rest (pictured above) on a hard surface for ten minutes. Lovely way to allow the spine to relax and realign while quieting the mind

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