How Will You Wage Your War?

WageWarBlakelyFITA client has declared war.

Not as a political activist of angry consumer, as a woman holding to her faith in her ability to beat a deadly disease.

Recent visits to her doctors indicate she is hurtling toward a diabetes diagnosis. As a physician’s daughter, she is well versed in the overwhelming implications of this disease. By my account, she was, at first, shocked and understandably upset. Having to face something so life altering is never a mountain any of us would chose to climb. And then, there was a change. A powerful shift. She decided to fight. She threw out old habits and rationalizations and started embracing the advice of experts that believed she could dodge this diagnosis.

And, we’re seeing progress. I am elated to announce that she had dropped her BMI (body mass index). Her internist is thoroughly impressed. So often we turn to a pill to solve our health problems with out first making a concerted effort to address our lifestyle. I am so very proud of this woman and hope her fight and one battle won might encourage you to wage your own war and win.

Worried about Diabetes?

Studies have proven the significant benefits of aerobic exercise in the prevention of type 2 diabetes. The impact of muscle strengthening exercises has been unclear, until now.

A new study sheds light on the implications of strength training for women in the fight against diabetes. In short:

“Our study suggests that engagement in muscle-strengthening
and conditioning activities (resistance exercise, yoga, stretching, toning) is associated with a lower risk of T2D. Engagement in both aerobic MVPA [sic: moderate and vigorous physical activity] and muscle- strengthening type activity is associated with a substantial reduction in the risk of T2D in middle-aged and older women.”

-PLOS Medicine Editor

Ladies, you can improve your odds. Incorporate resistance training into your weekly routine. This study (of 99K women over 8 years) reports benefits in as little as an hour a week. Reach out if you would like help, I’d be happy to hear from you.

Full study here: Muscle Strengthening and Type 2 Diabetes 

Diabetes is a major health concern facing the United States. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports:

  • Diabetes is the seventh leading cause of death in the United States

  •  Overall, the risk for death among people with diabetes is about twice that of people of similar age but without diabetes.

  • Diabetes is the leading cause of kidney failure, non-traumatic lower-limb amputations, and new cases of blindness among adults in the United States.

  • Diabetes is a major cause of heart disease and stroke.