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My Bank Account

BlakelyFITPrisonWindow“Two men looked out from prison bars,

One saw the mud, the other saw stars.”

– Dale Carnegie

I’m pretty conservative when it comes to money. As a result, I was more than confused when I popped by an ATM for $80 dollars and the machine popped back  “insufficient funds.” Excuse me? I’m sure I have plenty in that account. To my dismay, nope, I did not. In fact, I had only $26.24 to be exact.

The mental simmer began… What was I mischarged for? What had I overlooked? Was someone tampering with my account? No, no and no. Realizing I didn’t have time to get upset, I paused the simmer and thought, “oh, this is a gift.”

This is information that I needed (bank account is low)

that I didn’t know I needed (thought the account was fine)

and now I can fix it (transfer money into the account so I don’t overdraw.)

Clients went through Reassessments this past week. The results are overall, outstanding. I am insanely proud of every single one of my clients. Every one. However, of the roughly fifty items we measure there are nearly always some setbacks for some women. Juggling healthy living is challenging. For clients and readers in the camp of “success is feeling elusive” or “I’m not getting healthier as quickly as I want,” I empathize with your struggle and then, implore you to see the opportunity. See that $26.24 balance as a positive.

Learning that things are not working is an OPPORTUNITY to fix it as long as we don’t get stuck in the dread or self-beratement. If we can pause the emotions long enough to clarify why we are stuck or sliding there is a tremendous turning point just up ahead. So for any of you out there experiencing frustration with healthy living, identify what isn’t working or often just as important what you are up against (demanding work schedule, new stressors, pressing life events) and then, be kind in developing a new plan.

Getting stuck in the disappointment of not being where we want to be is not a very useful or happy place. Consider the blessing of a little bad news, it can often take us to much better place in the end, if we let it.

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