Maze PLAY IT OUT Blakely FITSomewhere along the line I overheard an Alcoholics Anonymous tool that resonated. And has benefited my clients ever since.

Every alcoholic is tempted after making it through recovery. After working so hard to attain sobriety, the patient is invited to think through how that first sip of alcohol would play out. At best, drinking again would be a weekend lost to decisions under the influence, at worst, a slide back into the disease taking hold of their life and volition. Whether you agree that healthy living is as serious as sobriety or not, I ask you to use this tool if it helps.

Here are some client examples…

  • In the moment I am about to fall asleep on the couch, PLAY IT OUT: I’ll feel much better if I just drag myself to bed right now and get a solid night’s sleep.
  • In the moment I am about to hit the break room to see what pastries our vendor brought, PLAY IT OUT: If I keep walking, I’ll avoid the three trips back that will inevitably follow my first taste and make me feel like I should just throw in the towel for the rest of the day too.
  • In the moment I am about to berate my body because I’m not quite where I want to be physically, PLAY IT OUT: That kind of negative self talk only results in extreme and temporary behaviors, encourages feeling bad about myself, being crabby and eventually causes me to comfort my feelings with food.
  • In the moment I am about to start another extreme workout regimen, PLAY IT OUT: Injury and exhaustion are on the horizon, I’ll end up forced to rest after pushing too hard and damaging my health more than helping it.

Whatever your “first sip” is, do yourself a favor and take a moment to PLAY IT OUT. It could be an easy tool that brings you to a happier ending.

I’m rooting for you and here to help if you need it!