WomanInSunhatGoing to be out in the sun this weekend? Do your skin, beauty and health a favor by staying in the shade, wearing sunblock and donning sunproof clothing. Not that fair? Doesn’t matter. As Dr. Emily Arch of Aesthetics and Dermatology of Wicker Park (love her) insightfully stated: “Bob Marley had melanoma.” I recently spoke with Dr. Arch. My two daughters have very different skin tones. I wondered, if I need to be as vigilant with sun protection with both children? (I realize this question sounds horrible on the surface, but you may not have ever had to slather lotion on two elusive toddlers while trying to get out the door.) The short answer: “Yes.” So whatever your skin tone, protect your health and beauty. Be smart in the sun this weekend.

Sun proof clothing sites: Coolibar   Athleta

No time to shop? Dark denim will provide sun protection. And what fabric is more American than denim?

Be safe! Have fun!

Happy Fourth of July!!!