Dinner Troubles? My new hero…

Last day of school, crazy week professionally and personally, gorgeous weather demanding time outside, oh, and everyone expects dinner on the table at 6. Eeek! What to do?

Meet my new hero – filling and delicious, fortified with fiber and superfoods, dinner is saved…
Spinach Enchilada Vegetarian Bake


You’ll need:

Large container of baby spinach
2 cans garbanzo beans
1 can black beans
1 can pinto beans
2 cups cooked brown rice (instant is fine)
1 corn tortilla (there’s one in the bottom of your fridge somewhere)
3/4 of a large can of mild enchilada sauce
1 small bag of shredded organic Mexican blend cheese

First, tear tortilla into one inch pieces and spread over bottom of glass pan.

Next, layer rice over tortilla pieces.

Then, use your food processor to chop all of the spinach in batches (or chop by hand if you have the time.) Layer that.

BlakelyFITEnchDinnerStep1 BlakelyFITEnchDinnerStep2

Rinse and drain all beans. Layer pinto…


Then garbanzo…


Then black beans…


Then second can of garbanzo…



Then enchilada sauce…


Then cheese…


Cover and microwave for four minutes….




Enjoy with homemade guacamole (mashed avocado, garlic, cliantro) and a few chips!

Whew. That was easy!