Scared of Being Silly?

Do you shy away from being silly or noticed? Does self consciousness limit you? Are you sometimes “too cool for school”? You might be losing out on a great opportunity. Many studies indicate that short bursts of activity throughout the day can have a significant impact on improving our health.Leaping in Bouncy HouseI recently attended a friend’s child’s birthday party at a bouncy house facility. Knowing I wouldn’t have time for a workout that weekend, I joined in. There were colleagues I hadn’t seen in a while and probably some other parents that could have been potential business connections, but I knew I needed a boost and I’ve learned to care less and less about being judged.

Not only did I fit in some movement and goof off, it legitimately counts as an easy work out. Are there times you could move more? Moments you could jump in? get dirty? or play? I encourage you to test the waters. Because allowing fear to get in our way? That’s just silly.