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Michelle's 1st 39th - trimming hedges

I was a big fan of the show Dirty Jobs for a while. Have you seen it? Personally, I had a bit of a crush on the host, Mike Rowe. Anyway, one episode was all military. They illustrated how a few soldiers leveraged winches and pulleys to pull a multi-ton military vehicle out from being stuck in the sand. The winches and pulleys were their mechanical advantage. The winches and pulleys provided leverage in a seemingly impossible situation.  

That’s how I see exercise. I firmly believe, exercise can be your mechanical advantage. With all that you have to accomplish, exercise will give you leverage…

It was an honor to be a part of the Industrial Supply Association’s, Women Industrial Supply Executive’s Summit this week in Tempe, Arizona. An incredible group of women and outstanding fellow panelists / committee members made it an exceptional event. One of my favorite exerts from the talk above…  detailed follow up coming soon.

Too Smart for Your Own Good…

“Paralysis by analysis” hung at my old job. We trained competitive athletes. The sign was a reminder: too much thinking (or cuing from coaches) hinders performance. Focused minds are effective, too much contemplation causes problems.

I wonder, are you in the way of a healthier life? Infomercials, magazines, classes and trends abound. Some of us tend to wade through every option, read every article, and insist on making sure it’s the absolute best choice. Well, I have some bad news for you: none of them are the best choice.
All of them have pros and cons and none are perfect. My beautiful reader, get out of your own way and just move forward. In simplest terms: MOVE. If the plan you are about to undertake increases your weekly amount of activity, go for it. It’s 100% better than doing nothing.
Don’t let that fabulous brain of yours get in the way. Detailing every option is a mask for procrastination or fear (I should know.) I implore you to stop the research and commit to the plan that sits well in your gut. If it doesn’t work, feels unsafe, or is terribly inconvenient, you can always change it.

We know that contemplating a change isn’t changing anything – pick one and MOVE forward. Good luck. I’m rooting for you!

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My Brother’s-In-Law version of “Pick Your Party”…

Here is a hilarious version of my “Pick Your Party” post from my very talented brother-in-law. Enjoy!Golden Lights

“In the next twelve days there are a lot of opportunities to celebrate. And celebrating is good. Indulging is even better.

I encourage you to party. Choose one event for indulging each and every day of the holiday season. Because, it is not one holiday dinner that causes holiday happiness. It is the daily treats, late nights, changes in schedules, parade of parties and increase in alcohol consumption that leave us feeling at peace with the world. Why choose just one celebration when you can choose all of them?

Don’t deprive yourself: More drinks! More indulgent food! Longer nights! You can always hire a personal trainer to get back in shape when this holiday season is over. And in my book, that is a plan worth considering.”

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