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Women Are Missing Out

Precor conducted a study of 500 women ages 18 to 55+ years of age and discovered women are not strength training as much as they would like to. Why are they holding back from utilizing this incredible tool? Here are the top ten reasons women do not strength train. We have included Blakely Fit’s solution to each. train@blakelyfit.comBlakelyFitDumbbells

1. Happy doing their cardio workouts I must say, I love to hear women are happy doing their cardio workouts. However, cardio does not provide the daily metabolism improvements, bone density improvements and appearance changes (among others) that strength training does.
2. Don’t want to look big and bulky, like a bodybuilder I understand this concern but it is unfounded. We, as women, do not have enough testosterone. It is VERY difficult for women to create a body builder physique.
3. Boring New Blakely FIT client tweet:@BlakelyFit It was really fun- I’m actually looking forward to more. Not something I say a lot about exercise. 🙂 #healthy
4. No one ever showed them how to use the equipment Valid excuse but your gym should have floor staff on hand at all times waiting to help you. If not, train with us for three months, we’ll show you.
5. Don’t have time for strength training All Blakely Fit sessions are 25 minutes in length for this reason. My Squat, RDL, Pull Up, Dumbbell Press workout yesterday took 21 minutes. You have the time.
6. Feel self-conscious doing strength training I often encourage self-concious clients to rely on the vanity of others. People in the gym are often more concerned about how they look than how you look.
7. Strength training is too complicated Program design is complicated. Strength training itself if pretty simple if you have a basic understanding of what you are doing.
8. Strength training is for serious athletes Of course, but, it is also an incredible tool for women wanting to lose weight, prevent osteopenia / osteoporosis, increase their resting metabolism, improve their self esteem, brain cognition, depression, and anxiety, reduce chronic fatigue, acquire better glucose and insulin sensitivity, and change the state of their body.
9. Need to hire a personal trainer to learn how to use equipment,
cannot afford personal trainer Yes, you do need to hire a great personal trainer to strength train well (just as you hire a hairdresser and mechanic.) Strength In Numbers is our lower price point solution. Women love it.
10. Have injury that prevents from participating This is an important concern. All Blakely Fit clients undergo a complete Assessment and quarterly Reassessment to ensure safety as well as addressing individual medical considerations.

Don’t miss out on Strength Training, ladies! It really is an incredible tool. Email or call with questions.  773-680-6824

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