Fill in the blank…

We are working on a little Mother’s Day project and need your voice!

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Email your “fill-in” for the statements below (or some version thereof), a photo of you and your mom/children and enjoy a chance to win a $125 Blakely FIT gift certificate!

“My mother taught me about strength by…

“Being a mother taught me about strength by…

Whether you do it for the gift or do it for the moms – we are honored to have your input! Thanks so much!

Email fill-ins and photos to: or just post below.

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Unique Mother’s Day Gifts

Here are a few healthy gift ideas

for the mom that has been asking for a little help:


  • Pedometer and a Promise -if she has expressed an interest in exercising more, why not schedule a weekly date to go for gentle walks together?
  • Activity tracker: consider her needs and mobile devices to find one that fits best
  • Class – pay for and gift a water aerobics, fitness class or dance class to take together
  • Picnic in the Park – pack a Sunday morning picnic and enjoy it together in a beautiful park, fresh air, time to talk and walk, few distractions
  • Advocate to Mom – attend her next doctor’s appointment with her, exchange contact info with her doctor, ask questions when appropriate and take notes so your mother can feel supported
  • New Kicks – a great new pair of walking shoes or workout clothes can help with getting moving again
  • Mix Tape – inexpensive and heartfelt -why not make Mom a new walking or workout CD of all of HER favorite music
  • Fun with Flowers – buy your mom flowers for her outdoor spaces and plant them together (remember use proper body mechanics)
  • Basket of goodies – reusable water bottle, dried fruit, dark chocolate, homemade banana bread (use apple sauce instead of oil), and any other small items that would make healthy snacking or exercise easier for her.  Spring Flowers

Does Motherhood Make You Healthier?

park with my girls and nephews photo

My past Mother’s Day Friday Quickies addressed gift ideas and gratitude but thought I would bring something new to the table. I asked myself if being a mother made me healthier. I’d love to have you consider the same. 

The good…

  • I my whole life, I had never consumed more nutrient rich foods then when I was breastfeeding (and once the nausea subsided, pregnant)
  • Children don’t listen to hypocrites (mine especially) I buy fruits and veggies for them to eat – I eat them too.
  • Pregnancy and it’s aftermath taught me A LOT about my body and I’m someone who loves anatomy so, this was a surprise. Becoming aware of what you didn’t know you didn’t know is mind bending and empowering. I am definitely a better advocate for my health as a result.
  • The data on the childhood obesity epidemic is heartbreaking. That responsibility as a parent is impactful. My family takes “family walks” and enjoys park play time at least once per week. My girls are pretty daring – so I’m moving and climbing right next to them – it’s exercise for me too.
  • I don’t multitask while driving because my kids are in the car / need me. That’s healthier for me and other drivers.
  • I take better care of my car because my kids will be in it. That’s healthier for me and other drivers.
  • Breastfeeding can reduce your risk of breast cancer – I did my best there.
  • Pregnancy may lessen the symptoms of endometriosis, uterine fibroids and PCOS. Happy to have that in my pocket.
  • Although a little less quantifiable, my connection to other individuals is stronger than before I had children. I am more empathetic and compassionate. That contributes to a healthier state and a stronger sense of community.
  • I took on the role of cooking for my family which I didn’t do when it was just Pat and I.  I know I consume fewer carryouts and heavily processed foods because of it.
  • I am very sensitive to setting a healthy body image example for my girls which comes in handy as I age.
  • There is no better stress reliever for me than seeing my girls smile, laugh, hug or even look at their pictures. Priceless.
  • I am most definitely more resilient since having children. (I firmly believe that there is a strong parallel to military boot camp training and motherhood – future Friday Quickie fodder)

The bad… 

  • Meal planning/cooking for the family is a lot of work. I could do with less of that responsibility some weeks.
  • I don’t sleep as much even though my bedtime is earlier. Seriously, the other night I was in my pajamas at 5:30pm. (See incriminating photo.)
  • My stress level is higher – I worry about my kids / work harder because of my kids. That’s not necessarily a good thing.
  • It’s harder for me to make time for myself. I don’t know if anyone ever told you this but, children are time consuming! Worth it – but terribly time consuming (Like to give suggestions? Feel free to send any and all ideas for remedying this problem – I’m open.) 5:30pm pajamas photo

The bottom line…

It’s not why I did it, but I suspect I am quite healthier because I had kids. We all have different paths, different choices and each life is challenging and unique. If you are a mom, hopefully you will have a little time to consider if your journey as a mother has helped you be healthier or challenged certain areas for healthful living. In honor of Mother’s Day this weekend, remember that you are precious and important and make a little time to care for your health and be well for your life. I wish each of you time to enjoy your loved ones this weekend! Happy Mother’s Day!

Foundation for Health: Mom

compressedDSC_4787This year consider thanking Mom for the healthy habits she instilled in you. It has been said, “If you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything.” Well, mothers can and often do provide a foundation for our activity level, body image, hygiene and dietary habits. When done well, this is a powerful and extraordinary gift.

Healthy habits that your mom may have gifted into your life:

  • insistence that you eat your fruits, vegetables or milk
  • breast fed you as an infant
  • insisted you wear your seat belt
  • got you off the couch and outside for play time
  • drove you to all of your sport practices
  • limited “screen time” (although we didn’t call it that back then)
  • attended your meets/competitions/games
  • made sure you at breakfast every morning
  • cooked for the family
  • encouraged you to not waste food
  • encouraged you to respect your body
  • asked you to stand up straight
  • told you you were beautiful
  • insisted you wash your hands
  • made you clean under your finger nails
  • made you floss
  • took you and your friends to outdoor spaces for fun
  • led by example by participating in exercise or sports herself
  • led by example by quitting smoking
  • led by example by eating her vegetables, fruit or milk
  • led by example by following the advice of her doctor
  • took you to your annual physicals as a child
  • had your immunizations up to date
  • played outside with you
  • rode bikes with you
  • went for walks with you
  • swam with you
  • taught you to swim
  • taught you to ride a bike
  • taught you a sport or physical activity
  • took you camping
  • helped your father or siblings be healthier
  • took exercise classes with you
  • did her best to help you when you tried to lose weight
  • planned family trips that included activity or outdoor time
  • supported you in finding solutions to your medical concerns
  • led you and the family by by being a healthy example

This is by no means a complete list, but it does give you an idea. Moms do so much for us that this part of their job may have been overlooked. As a fitness expert, I encourage you to think about these gifts as we celebrate and appreciate our mothers and ourselves Sunday.