Pretty Cool

BlakelyFITTraining01How cool is this! I just received this email from a reader…


Last week I read your article on being kind to your future self in the Frankfort Station. I want to thank you, as I have been putting off my doctors advice to get a pap, mammo, and bone density check. I will be 71 on my next birthday, and I feel fine, but when you mentioned putting off making a doctor’s appointment, then facing a tougher diagnosis 12 months from now, it made me think. I don’t want a tougher diagnosis 12 months from now. I want a clean bill of health NOW. Thanks for the push I needed. You are a treasure to those of us out here.
Keep up the good work,

P.S. I will keep the article in case I get any other hair-brained ideas.”

Wow. Thank you for making the time to share this with me and thank you for taking proactive steps to ensure your good health status stays. It inspires all of us.

Hope it inspires you too! #strength #futureself #fridayquickie #bfit

Rekindle an Old Flame

BlakelyFITBlackWidowHalloween2014Last Thursday afternoon, I found myself getting excited. Really excited.

Growing up, I loved Halloween as much as the next kid: bags of free candy, late night celebrating, costume fun, what’s not to love? This, of course, transitioned as a young adult. Halloween afforded me the excuse to party, dress up and partake in other indulgences. My partying days are now less frequent and my enthusiasm had waned for this beloved holiday. Until, last week.

My daughters rekindled an old flame. Their relentless anticipation of the parties, the candy and spooky, haunted, fun was contagious. Their joy and energy pulled me in and I found myself enjoying the preparations that otherwise (I’m embarrassed to say) would have felt like “one more thing to do.”

Isn’t this possible with living healthfully? It’s a stretch to compare candy to kale. Let’s remember, enthusiasm is contagious. And enthusiasm for healthy living is possible and probable when we surround ourselves with the right people. Do you have anyone in your life that seems to have struck a healthy living balance? Could you hang out with them more? Ask them to coffee? Listen to their story of arriving at said balance. Let it inspire you. Being around people on a healthy living journey can be a powerful source of inspiration. Look around, listen and let their energy spark a change that could last a lifetime.

Too Smart for Your Own Good…

“Paralysis by analysis” hung at my old job. We trained competitive athletes. The sign was a reminder: too much thinking (or cuing from coaches) hinders performance. Focused minds are effective, too much contemplation causes problems.

I wonder, are you in the way of a healthier life? Infomercials, magazines, classes and trends abound. Some of us tend to wade through every option, read every article, and insist on making sure it’s the absolute best choice. Well, I have some bad news for you: none of them are the best choice.
All of them have pros and cons and none are perfect. My beautiful reader, get out of your own way and just move forward. In simplest terms: MOVE. If the plan you are about to undertake increases your weekly amount of activity, go for it. It’s 100% better than doing nothing.
Don’t let that fabulous brain of yours get in the way. Detailing every option is a mask for procrastination or fear (I should know.) I implore you to stop the research and commit to the plan that sits well in your gut. If it doesn’t work, feels unsafe, or is terribly inconvenient, you can always change it.

We know that contemplating a change isn’t changing anything – pick one and MOVE forward. Good luck. I’m rooting for you!

 Moved to take action?
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Time Traveler

If you could go back in time what would you tell your 20 year old self in terms of living a full, balanced, healthy life? Would you tell him/her everything was going to be golden? Would you implore your younger self not to take your health for granted? Would you ask them to prepare now for the changes that lie ahead? All of the above? Something different? Try it.

Now, I ask you to take a moment and see yourself fifteen or twenty years from today. How does your body feel? What is your day to day life like? What medications are you taking, or not taking? Are your joints and systems supple and functioning? What kind of trajectory are you on? In searching for real motivation in healthy living, talking to your older self is a promising exercise. What would you like to be like, feel like and look like two decades from now? Have a conversation with your older self. (Not out loud, please.) What does she want? What is she dealing with? What advice would she give you? What does she want you to do today? Then, do it.

It’s not sexy or viral but the truth is, if we want to be active and healthy in twenty years, now is the time to set out on that course. One small step at a time, you can do it. Email if you’d like some help.

It’s All in the Framing

I find that most women enjoy living and working in spaces that are pleasing to the eye. We are affected by our environment – in good ways and bad. Most of us have made satisfying changes to our physical surroundings: rearranging furniture, changing colors, adding accent pieces, etc. Posters taped to the wall were perfectly enjoyable in our college dorm room. Later, in our own place, the Audrey Hepburn print looks childish tacked to the wall. A quick change with matting and framing placed in a powder room – it is lovely again.

littleblackdressHow does this relate to weight loss and healthful living? I’d like you to consider the following: “how do I frame my healthful choices?” Are they burdens you have to trudge through? Taxing restrictions? Irritating obligations to be endured until you hopefully arrive at your goal. OR as my client so brilliantly and happily shared about her positive lifestyle change success, “It’s not denial, it’s a choice.” This is a very busy career woman. She chooses to think of her eating habit adjustments and cardio and resistance training workouts as empowering choices, decisions she is making and enjoying in order to improve her life. There is an ownership and pride and empowerment to this perspective. Yes, changes require effort and they are an addition to her “to do list” BUT, they are also uplifting and confirming. She frames these actions in terms of her prerogative to affect the course of her life. What a wonderful spin on the meaningful choices we make.

Our choices can empower us or burden us. Sometimes it’s the circumstance and sometimes it’s the attitude we bring to the table. Take a moment and check in – do you bring an attitude of burden to your healthy habits and scheduling? Or, do you recognize the power inherent to decision making and celebrate? This is your life and your choice to try for change. A switch in perspective could be an easy and uplifting boost. Give it a try. With nothing to lose, you might be pleasantly surprised and gleefully empowered.