Eerily Delicious

Quick, super easy, nutritious and Halloween-colored!

Black and Orange Quesadillas – eerily delicious!

2 medium sweet potatoes

1 can of refried black beans

12 corn tortillas

1 small round of queso quesadilla

small container of pepitas

Microwave two sweet potatoes in 1/2″ of water in a small casserole dish for four minutes. Flip potatoes. Microwave again and repeat until very soft. (2 or 3 times)

Cut potatoes in half length-wise and scoop out the “meat” as you create each quesadilla.

Scoop black beans directly out of the can and smear onto one side of tortilla. Sweet potato onto the other.

Sprinkle pepitas onto one side.

Place a small serving of sliced cheese onto other side.

Fold cheese side to pepitas side (so you don’t lose all of your seeds.)

Drizzle small amount of olive oil onto skillet and place folded corn tortillas onto pan (give them a jiggle so they don’t stick)

I like to place something a little heavy onto the quesadillas as they cook. (I use a cast iron bacon press because I don’t use it for bacon.)

Flip after a few minutes.

Plate with brown rice and enjoy!



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Rekindle an Old Flame

BlakelyFITBlackWidowHalloween2014Last Thursday afternoon, I found myself getting excited. Really excited.

Growing up, I loved Halloween as much as the next kid: bags of free candy, late night celebrating, costume fun, what’s not to love? This, of course, transitioned as a young adult. Halloween afforded me the excuse to party, dress up and partake in other indulgences. My partying days are now less frequent and my enthusiasm had waned for this beloved holiday. Until, last week.

My daughters rekindled an old flame. Their relentless anticipation of the parties, the candy and spooky, haunted, fun was contagious. Their joy and energy pulled me in and I found myself enjoying the preparations that otherwise (I’m embarrassed to say) would have felt like “one more thing to do.”

Isn’t this possible with living healthfully? It’s a stretch to compare candy to kale. Let’s remember, enthusiasm is contagious. And enthusiasm for healthy living is possible and probable when we surround ourselves with the right people. Do you have anyone in your life that seems to have struck a healthy living balance? Could you hang out with them more? Ask them to coffee? Listen to their story of arriving at said balance. Let it inspire you. Being around people on a healthy living journey can be a powerful source of inspiration. Look around, listen and let their energy spark a change that could last a lifetime.